Lost Queen was the story of an indescribable love and the limits of love. Frequency is the natural conclusion to that story. The last time we saw our characters ( Sam and Lysandra) they had gone their separate ways. Neither was happy about it but both knew there was little choice to be had. Please […]

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My head hurts and I’m not really in the mood to write but I said I would complete this stupid challenge so I will write what ever is on my mind. What exactly qualifies someone to be a life coach? I ask because it’s a profession that has never made sense to me. You’re basically […]

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I Tried to be Poetic

She’s never really been a classic beauty and she struggled to be okay with that.   Her imperfections were always hard for her to ignore but with time she was able accept her natural beauty. It wasn’t because he had convinced her she was gorgeous or because her imperfections fade away but because she had […]

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Girl I Know

This is going to be awkward to write and chances are you won’t even see this but it’s unfortunate how things turned out between us. I don’t know if this is a permanent situation but part of me hopes it isn’t but it might be what’s best for both of us. It was a strange […]

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Dear So and So….

When you remember you can queue these things up and write them in advance…… Dear So and So, I think about you often in a variety of ways but more often than not I find myself wondering how you taste. Yes I know that’s a weird thing to admit but I’m a weird guy and […]

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Remember When I Use to Rant?

What a weird time of my life that was but I mean if the challenge includes a day of ranting, a rant you will get. I hate how weird friendships are in the scope of social media. I may or may not have ended a particularly ridiculous one a few weeks ago but we’re still […]

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