The biggest struggle I’ve had with my writing has been sticking with something long term. For sometime I was writing those ridiculous chipmunks stories before moving on to something a bit more serious. That manifested into Lost Queen and Banned From the Motherland. Lost Queen hasn’t really changed much from it’s original form largely due … More Growth

Lost Queen: Crashed

These diplomatic missions had begun to run together. She was starting to struggle to remember who was who. Being Queen was more effort than she had anticipated. Her mother made it look all so damn easy to do. Queen Freema was a natural-born leader and her daughter Adeena was far from it. Of all her … More Lost Queen: Crashed


Sam was far from a social creature. Solitude was his safe place and his friend Dana had managed to drag him to the club. It may have been more classy than he expected but he was still out of his element. Sam clung to the bar hoping to stay just out of sight from any … More Trance