Lost Queen: Crashed

These diplomatic missions had begun to run together. She was starting to struggle to remember who was who. Being Queen was more effort than she had anticipated. Her mother made it look all so damn easy to do. Queen Freema was a natural-born leader and her daughter Adeena was far from it. Of all her … More Lost Queen: Crashed


Sam was far from a social creature. Solitude was his safe place and his friend Dana had managed to drag him to the club. It may have been more classy than he expected but he was still out of his element. Sam clung to the bar hoping to stay just out of sight from any … More Trance


Having a crush on someone can be incredibly stressful. God forbid that person is a friend and I mean a real friend. Not someone you associate with largely due to geography and means. Someone who you maintain communication with at any given time regardless of obstacles in a reasonable manner. Having a crush on your … More Crushed

Helen of Troy

Often times we talk about Helen of Troy as the women whose face launched 1000 ships. This is technically true but really she was an excuse for war but that is not the point I’m trying to make and I’m not sure how I ended up so off track. Every artist finds inspiration in the … More Helen of Troy