Troll Hunter

It was 3am and all she could do was stare at the ceiling. She gave up trying to sleep at 2am when it was clear sleep wasn’t in her immediate future. All she could think about was how her day unfolded in such an unlikely manner. The internet isn’t typically a kind place when it […]

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Unknown Number

It was the third time this week. An unknown number calling him in the middle of the night. When he tried to pick up the phone the call would be disconnected. He tried to put it out of his mind but it felt so off to him. They called him at the strangest times and […]

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It happened again. The same weird dream she had as a child had returned. No matter how many times she had it, it seemed to never change. She was in a forest surrounded by wolves but their was something weird in their eyes. A shimmer that seemed familiar. It had a weird calming effect on […]

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Rudy 2: Electric Chipmunk

I don’t really have time to write something new this week because busy but here is one of the first things I ever wrote for someone. Don’t let the title fool you, it is the first part of a long story that I hope to get back to one day. It’s completely over the top […]

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Writers Block…Sorta

I’ve been experiencing writer’s block recently but not in the most conventional way. I’ve actually finished a few things in that time but they’re not quite ready to post. I haven’t been able to think of a standalone idea since The Painting Lady and it’s driving me crazy.  I have plenty of half-finished ideas but […]

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The Painting Lady

It was the fifth body in the last two weeks. Same MO as the others, mutilated with a detailed painting of the body on the wall. They still weren’t sure how the killer was painting in such detail in so little time. The last few victims were missing for barely an hour before their bodies showed […]

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