Self Care Anthems

So I guess this will be the final post in the writing challenge I regret starting and I can talk about anything I want. So I’m going to highlight what I consider Self Care Anthems. Self-Care Anthems are any song that just makes you feel good as hell about yourself. My go to example? Buddies … More Self Care Anthems

I Do Enjoy Things

I know that from a cursory sweep of my various social media accounts it may appear that I don’t like many things. I don’t go a day without talking about what I don’t like or criticizing something. Truth be told that’s only a snapshot of my less than hot takes. I enjoy many things ranging … More I Do Enjoy Things

Weak At the Root

It’s hard to not look at the current political landscape and not see how weak the Democratic party has become in recent memory. Let’s be frank, it’s not like the Republican party is genuinely smarter, it’s that Democrats seem content with letting them run circles around them. What makes it the most frustrating for me … More Weak At the Root

Troll Hunter

It was 3am and all she could do was stare at the ceiling. She gave up trying to sleep at 2am when it was clear sleep wasn’t in her immediate future. All she could think about was how her day unfolded in such an unlikely manner. The internet isn’t typically a kind place when it … More Troll Hunter