Lost Queen: Crashed

These diplomatic missions had begun to run together. She was starting to struggle to remember who was who. Being Queen was more effort than she had anticipated. Her mother made it look all so damn easy to do. Queen Freema was a natural-born leader and her daughter Adeena was far from it. Of all her mothers children Adeena was the oldest and the one who wanted to lead the least. Leadership was always something her mother forced her into despite her loud objections. When Freema fell ill she made Adeena promise to take her place. Adeena was many things but she always kept her promises. After being crowned Queen of Kal it was on trip after another ensuring allies that there wouldn’t be any major shifts in relations. There was some concerns that Adeena would lead her people in a drastically different directions. In the end, what she was doing could barely be called leading. She was simply going through the motions drifting from task to task. What ever made Freema an inspiring figure was lacking in Adeena. There were those who felt she was unfit to lead. As with any detractors there were extreme elements willing to use violent means to accomplish their goals. So far they’ve not managed to do any major damage. Just a few fires around the capital. Adeena barely skimmed the incident reports feeling that they were just acting out. Unbeknownst to her they were planning something big. During the last leg of their trip in a sector of space that was deemed off-limits because the sentient life had yet to become interplanetary, there was a series of malfunctions on the flagship transporting Adeena. There were concerns of sabotage and Adeena was to transferred to another ship in the fleet. In the middle of the transfer the diplomatic fleet was attacked forcing Adeena to flee. Her only hope was reaching the only inhabited planet in the solar system. With the planet insight the shuttle was attacked and Adeena was left no choice but to use the lone escape pod hoping to reach the planet. Luckily her pursuers had not detected the pod launching. Unfortunately they were the only ones to miss it.

Sam was a servant of two masters, his career goals and his childhood obsession. Only a dissertation away from a PhD in Political Science and he still made time to watch the sky every night. During the day you could find him in the library in a corner surrounded by piles of books but at night he was on his roof looking up at the stars through his telescope. His best friend and roommate didn’t understand why he felt the need to split his focus in such a radical way. Why not just focus on one? This always fell on deaf ears. Tonight had perfect clear skies to look out at the universe but as he looked out he saw something fairly unusual. It looked as if something had exploded near Mars. When he tried to get a better look he hit the limit of his equipment but spotted another strange sight in the night sky. Something was heading towards Earth at high speeds. The closer it got the more it became apparent that it would be landing somewhere on the nearby beach. Sam rushed downstairs to find the car keys and head to what he thought would be landing spot.

Adeena was terrified of what was going to happen. What was known of this planet was not inspiring. As far as she knew they were always moments away from total annihilation. She remembered how much effort is put into avoiding this corner of the universe and here she was barreling through space hoping her escape pod lands there. If she was lucky her pod would land somewhere isolated from any major population center. unfortunately that would not be the case. She was headed towards the eastern coast of the United States barely missing a plunge into the ocean that would have surely killed her. As she streaked across the night sky towards her inevitable crash site a number of satellites picked up on her entry as well as a few amateurs with telescopes. Meanwhile on the planet’s surface, Sam was racing towards the beach hoping to be the first one to reach it. Lucky for him the government agencies that had noticed it assumed it was a spy plane of some kind. Sam set up his telescope and continued to track the object as it came crashing down.  The closer it got the more sure he was he had guessed the correct location. She was almost there. In a few moment she would hit the surface. The object slammed into the shore with such fury its crater was fresh glass. The crash knocked Sam on his ass. As he struggled to his feet the pod opened. All he could struggle out was a shaky hi before his legs gave way. Adeena stumbled out of the pod largely unscathed. The sudden stop disoriented her. She tried to walk toward the figure but was unable to stay upright. Sam got to his feet and made his way to the women who left the pod. He managed to help Adeena to her feet. Before passing out she managed to utter, “please help me.”


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