Sam was far from a social creature. Solitude was his safe place and his friend Dana had managed to drag him to the club. It may have been more classy than he expected but he was still out of his element. Sam clung to the bar hoping to stay just out of sight from any social interactions and people watched. He noticed her from across the room as if he could feel her eyes lock onto him. You just knew there was something special about her even from across the room. Maybe it was the alcohol or his lack of sleep but he could swear she was glowing. She was dressed in this silky dress that was the right shade of red that you couldn’t help but notice it as she walked by. As he was trying to shake himself of the daze he was in, she began to make her way over to him. Before he could utter a single word from behind his daze she said,”I’m Kim. I hope to see you around more often” before leaving. This only served to confuse him further but damn there was just something about her eyes. In that brief moment it was as if he could see the past, present, and all possible futures in pretty brown eyes. When Sam was finally free from his social captivity, he slinked home and crawled into his perpetually messy bed with “Kim” still at the forefront of his thoughts. How did she spot him from across the room when he was doing his best to be invisible? This was the thought that occupied his mind as he drifted off into sleep. The mysterious Kim in the silky red dress had invaded his dreams. All night that brief moment of time replayed in his dreams.

As the sunlight began to peek through the blinds, Sam struggled to his feet as his hangover hit him like a right hook. Next time Dana tries to force him to be social he would have to come up with a better excuse. In desperate need of ginger ale and Oreos, Sam threw on whatever non wrinkled clothes he could find and his favorite pair of sunglasses and headed to the nearest store that had both. Thank God it was in walking distance. He wouldn’t have survived a moving vehicle. Looking like death warmed twice, he walked up to the register with oreos in his left and ginger ale in the right. From behind him he heard a familiar voice say,”I really didn’t expect to see you so soon.” He didn’t even have to turn around to know who it was. There are few times than right now that would have been worse. Sam turned around to greet her trying his best to hide how crippling his hangover was. It still looked like she was glowing. ‘So are you ever going to tell me your name?” she asked trying not to giggle in his face. Responding like a deer caught in headlights he mumbled out,”Sam I am.” Lucky for him she thought it was funny. In an effort to avoid making a bigger fool of himself he shuffled out the store. When his hangover began to subside Sam realized he missed a prime opportunity to ask for her number because he was so consumed with not looking stupid in front of her. A task he was currently 0 for 2 on so far. Sam spent the rest of his saturday hiding out in his apartment in hopes of avoiding further embarrassment.

After another night dreaming of the mysterious Kim, a refreshed Sam used what was left of his weekend to take care of a few errands. Every stop he made there was a part of him that was hoping to run into Kim as he did the day before. That did not happen though. Same seemed to run into literally everyone else who know in the city other than her. Literally in a literal sense. People he didn’t even know still lived there were popping up on him. He spent all day roaming around hoping to see her with zero results. Resigned to his fate, Sam went about his normal Sunday morning routine preparing himself mentally for work. It would be a month before he saw Kim again. It felt like an eternity to him.

After weeks of not seeing her all at Sam had given up hope of seeing her again. Of course the way his life worked he saw her the very next day. This time Sam spotted her before she saw him. He didn’t know what it was about her but she still seemed to glow. As he made his way towards her he psyched himself up. The last thing he wanted to do was blow it again. Sam took a deep breath and said,”Hey I don’t know if you remember me but I’m Sam.” “Of course I remember you. Are you finally going to ask for my number or nah?” Kim replied with a grin on her face. “I mean maybe we should chat for a bit before I do. For all you know I’m some weirdo,” Sam retorted. “Oh I know you’re a weirdo but it’s adorable.” Sam couldn’t help but let out an awkward laugh. Kim flashed a smile and looked at him with those beautiful brown eyes. Truthfully Sam didn’t remember much from that night because he spent so much of it lost in her eyes. She was newish to town working at a non-profit that advocated for victims of domestic abuse. For all he knew Kim could have told him her whole life. What stayed on his mind that night as he stared at the ceiling was the kiss they shared before they left. It’s not like he had never been kissed before but it felt different. Her lips tasted like happiness. She handed him her number and vanished into the night. One of the rare occasions in which forced social interactions had a happy ending.


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