Devil in the Attic

There it was again. She could feel someone watching her every time she went outside. Even in an empty field it felt like someone was just a few feet behind her. It had been like this for a few months and it was slowly driving her crazy. Sometimes she would hear her name in the middle of the night in a hushed tone. It was getting to be a bit much for her at this point. Her work was suffering, her friends were starting to avoid her, and her family had made a few attempts to institutionalize her on a few occasion. A few months later it seemingly stopped. No more voices or feeling like she was being watched. It wasn’t long before it was out of her mind and her normal life was able to return to some level of normalcy. Whitney didn’t want to think about it anymore.

“So it just suddenly stopped?” Phillip asked with confusion written all over his face. “Yeah, one day it just stopped. It felt like a terrible nightmare had finally ended. I was able to live again,” she answered. “Did you ever find out what it was?” he asked. “Honestly I try my best to not think about it,” she answered ready to change the subject. The worst months of her life wasn’t really something she wanted to talk about on a fifth date and this date had been going so well for her. He was incredibly patient with her and it was about to pay off because tonight it was about to go down. They got back to her place and they made a beeline for the bedroom leaving a trail of clothes behind. She was enjoying herself so much she didn’t notice the lights flickering at first until it started it started to intensify. Suddenly the house went dark as if all forms of light were snuffed out and Phillip was flung across the room crashing into the wall. The next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital dazed. Phillip had survived but was currently in a medically induced coma. The police were currently investigating the incident and while she was present she was not currently a prime suspect. A neighbor called the police after she witnessed a strange unnatural light coming from inside. She had suffered several lacerations and a broken arm though the doctors nor police could determine what caused such injuries. At this point all she could do was recover from her injuries and pray it never happens again.

As she recovered from her injuries she had her friends move all of her stuff out of her place and into storage. She had no plans to go back to that place any time soon. One of her friends let her stay with him while she continued to deal with the emotional fallout of what had happened to her. “So what are you going to do about your place?” Sam asked with worry in his voice. “Sell it and never look back. I should have moved out after the first incident but I just couldn’t believe what was happening and I thought I had imagined it when it stopped,” Whitney said with regret in her voice. “Well you can stay here as long as you need,” Sam said trying to be welcoming.

After a few weeks Whitney had managed to get rid of her place and was trying to adjust back to a normal life. Phillip had nearly recovered from the incident and was almost ready to be released from the hospital. Unfortunately his version of events didn’t help settle Whitney’s mind. Phillip had been conscious for the full incident and what he witnessed shook Whitney to the core. After he was flung into the wall, a bright light vaguely shaped like a person hovered over Whitney. He couldn’t fully see what it was doing but he could tell it was making slashing motions towards her. When it appeared to reach out towards her arm. That’s when Phil yelled at it. It then exploded in a burst of light. She was relieved to finally have proof that something was haunting her but was in shock by how much it had escalated. Sam insisted it was safer for her to stay with him for a few weeks but Whitney was worried about putting him in danger. She decided to stay in a cheap motel until she could figure things out.

Unable to sleep she was struggling to process what was happening to her. Why was she being haunted? She had lived in that house for years without issue. What changed? It had been almost a day since she last slept and it was starting to take a toll on her. The room began to spin and she collapsed on her bed. Suddenly she was dragged out a sleep by a firefighter carrying her out of her room. In the midst of her sleeping the motel she had been staying in had caught fire. Several people were trapped inside doomed to painful deaths as a result. She was one of five to survive the fire. A witness to the fire caught video of lightning striking the motel from a clear night sky several times. If not for other witnesses claiming to see the same thing, authorities would have thought it a hoax. The creature that was haunting her escalated again proving that she wasn’t safe wherever she went. Seeing no hope in her situation she headed back to her police taped house awaiting her fate.

Standing outside of her house Whitney could feel the heaviness in the air. As she reached for the door it flung open. Despite what you could see from outside the house it was pitch black inside as if the door lead to a different dimension. “Why have you returned?” bellowed a voice that seemed to be coming from every direction at once. Stifling her fear Whitney responded,”Why are you doing this to me?” The voice responded,”You belong to me.” Just then the door slammed shut seemingly vanishing into the wall. What she recognized as her home faded into a shapeless area. Her neighbor only witnessed her entering the house prior to them spotting a fire spreading room to room. The Fire Department didn’t arrive in enough time to make any real difference. In the ashes only one body was found and it wasn’t Whitney’s. It was a man by the name of Calvin who had been convicted of stalking previously. From the evidence they were able to collect it appeared that he was living in her crawl space keeping tabs on her. The body appeared older than the fire but there wasn’t any way to tell. No one ever saw Whitney again though on occasion Philip would hear her voice calling out to him from the shadows.


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