Late Night Thoughts 

Twitter has a habit of creating a false sense of familiarity and I am so often a victim. I mean of course I want to get to know you on a deeper level and other cliche things but really I want to trace your body with my tongue but that’s just a bit forward and I’m not really the type to make such a request. So instead I’ll just watch from a calculated distance trying to get your attention. It won’t work at yet I persist. I almost sent you something wild tonight it I couldn’t work up the nerve. How much of you comes through on twitter? I promise I’m less creepy in real life because I’m so shy and you seem like you’re an amazing woman. I have this collection of hope that we’ll cross paths in the real world and I’ll have the courage to speak up. That I’ll do more than just stare at you from the distance. On the off chance you see this you should definitely slide into my dms.


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