Helen of Troy

Often times we talk about Helen of Troy as the women whose face launched 1000 ships. This is technically true but really she was an excuse for war but that is not the point I’m trying to make and I’m not sure how I ended up so off track. Every artist finds inspiration in the world around them but some find it in other people. You find your own Helen of Troy to ignite your artistic abilities. It’s not always on purpose. Sometimes you just catch notice these things that give you great ideas and other times you spend time what seems like forever searching for an idea. My biggest struggle has been finding a consistent source of inspiration. Originally that source was a woman by the name of Siera Grace. I wrote her a story about a super powered chipmunk for a her birthday. I wrote a few follow ups just for fun. I would get an idea and write it out. They weren’t always good but the ideas were always amazing. My execution needs work but my ideas are phenomenal. I have to get better at that. Over time things between me and her soured and for the moment that relationship is in the past. Since then, I’ve been struggling to find a new source of inspiration. I get ideas but I don’t know how to execute them and honestly I’ve not been taking this very serious. I started this blog but I’ve spent very little effort into supporting it. I’ve taken long breaks from it. I barely edit anything I post and frankly that’s not okay. I need to be putting more effort into this but I’m not really sure how to accomplish that. I have no expectation of pumping out 1000 words a week but I want to commit more time and effort to this otherwise I’m not being fair to myself or the people who support me. I have to do better.  I’m working on something special and hopefully I’ll be ready in the next few months. In the meantime I have a few other things I have rolling around in my head that’ll hopefully be great.


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