I Do Enjoy Things

I know that from a cursory sweep of my various social media accounts it may appear that I don’t like many things. I don’t go a day without talking about what I don’t like or criticizing something. Truth be told that’s only a snapshot of my less than hot takes. I enjoy many things ranging from Pokemon to South Park. I will admit, I do have more than my fair share of hot takes but that’s not what this is about. Today is a celebration of what I do like.  You might even say love.

I love movies/TV shows. Even the ones I don’t like. It’s always interesting to see the choices and decisions that are made in that form of storytelling. Unlike a book, the visual format is harder to perfect. A written story leaves the imagination to do the heavy lifting. The reader can decided how they perceive the characters to look with some assistance from the author. With a movie/show, you take that power away from the audience and it doesn’t always end well. The audience always thinks they know better. Just look at fanfiction. It can sometimes be downright hostile to the original work. Watch a movie enough times and you’ll catch subtle details. Mr Right is one of those movies. The movie goes to great lengths to show you how much of a badass Francis is every chance it gets. Once the movie hits it’s big finale, Francis doesn’t actually kill any of the major bad guys. Martha caves in one of her kidnappers skull and and shot the other one while saying an amazing line. It’s not something you’ll instantly notice but once you do it will blow your mind. Books don’t really get the chance to do that. The burn is so much slower and the clues aren’t obvious. Dune has plenty of clever little clues but the effort you have to put in to catch them is so much greater and while Dune is worth the effort I can’t blame anyone for not picking up on the subtleties. It’s also why Dune is so difficult to adapt.

Just take the time one saturday and really dive into your favorite movie or show and look for the little surprises. I can guarantee you will find new ways to enjoy them.


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