Same Ol’ Mistakes

She stepped out of a of thin air as if she was walking through an invisible doorway. Her clothes seemed a bit outdated as if she had been removed from time. The odd-looking watch on her wrist grabbed all of her attention as she fiddled with it. “Damnit, I arrived to too late. He has at least a ten-year head start,’ she muttered under her breath as she began pacing around in frustration. After a bit of time she managed to calm herself down and take in her surroundings. When she looked up the words Inuwa Corp were casting a shadow over her. How ironic of a thing to experience. The timing might have been off but she was in the right place. Her target was likely nearby. “It was only a matter of time before one of you showed up,” a voice behind her whispered. It continued,”I understand that our people have been in conflict for what seems like eternity but I have no desire to participate”. Angrily she replied, “We are aware of your desire to stay aloof of the conflict. That doesn’t explain the actions you’ve taken. We know about the child”. “I want this to be perfectly clear about this, touch her and I will raze all that you hold dear”. He calmed himself down before saying,”I understand why you’re here but I pose no threat as long as I am left alone. Sometimes I wonder if our people have forgotten how human we really are. Stay as long as you wish. I have no desire to quarrel with you,” then he vanished back into the shadow from whence he came. He was correct in some aspect, their people had been at war for so long they had forgotten their own humanity. Combined, the Lokaci and Inuwa had 3 total people not involved in their eternal conflict and she wasn’t in any rush to go back. It had been a few hundred years since the last Lokaci experienced the normal passage of time. Time had always been something her people were masters over, it was something to control not experience. There was no harm in sticking around for a bit and she could always continue to investigate the wayward Inuwa while she was here.

It had been a month since she arrived and her investigation had taken a weird turn. For some reason he had created a number of successful companies that were named shadow in a variety of languages. Schatten Corp had focused much of its manpower towards bio tech. many of their projects were borderline illegal. The off the book projects were even harder to track down. The only one she could confirm was called Project Eve. It’s goal was to create a biotech human that was indistinguishable from a real human. The program was shuttered after the first prototype was successful. None of the scientist on the project were listed by name and there was zero information about what happened to the prototype. Another company, Ionbraj, had allegedly requested the service of an elite soldier to train their guards. His main company Inuwa Co was directing a considerable amount of resources into protecting a Vacuu woman moonlighting as a superhero when she wasn’t wallowing in self-pity and funding something called Project QUEEN. The arrival of the Vacuu on Earth wasn’t welcomed but they currently were little more than a nuisance. She learned more about project QUEEN on accident while exploring a city in the middle of the night she stumbled upon a group of women fighting off a group of attackers in an alley. They seemed to be holding their own but something was amiss. They were so engrossed they didn’t notice she was watching until she froze the hidden man in time before his surprise attack could land. They were surprised by her abilities and offered her membership in their group and while she didn’t outright accept it, she did pop out periodically for a few weeks. Their leader, a strange woman calling herself Unicorn, asked her if she would attend a special meeting that had been arranged. They waited at the meeting place for about an hour before he arrived out of the shadows. She instantly recognized him but did everything she could to dull her reaction. He only gave her a quick glance before he said a few brief words and vanished back into the shadows. While the rest of the women went back to their makeshift headquarters, she hung around. “I know you’re still here. You can come out of the shadows”. “I really didn’t expect to see you here today, though I am aware of your peeping eye on my business dealings”. “What do you have to do with these women? As far as I understand it you’re not exactly in the people saving business”. Deflecting her question,”It’s amazing how much effort to put into finding information about Project Eve and QUEEN and you stumbled upon a group connected to both”. Surprised by his statement she was unable to respond. “Do take care. I’m certain we’ll be seeing each other again soon,” he said has he vanished into the shadows. What ever he was up to was connected to her new friends and she wasn’t going to let him hurt them.


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