Weak At the Root

It’s hard to not look at the current political landscape and not see how weak the Democratic party has become in recent memory. Let’s be frank, it’s not like the Republican party is genuinely smarter, it’s that Democrats seem content with letting them run circles around them. What makes it the most frustrating for me is that Democrats continue to commit the same mistakes time and time again. I do not understand their commitment to appealing to voters who need little reason to hate them when they could spend that time, effort, energy, and money towards people looking for a reason to vote for them. The further right the Democratic party slips, the more people end up to the left of them feeling abandoned for people who don’t want them. Instead Democrats often come off down right hostile towards people who are to the left of them for reasons I can not comprehend.

Here’s what I do understand, Democrats are going to continue to run the same play book regardless of it’s success because they don’t have any other ideas and they aren’t interested in listening to new voices unless they’re repeating the same ideas. After the disaster that was the 2016 election you would think that they would take notice and correct course and yet….here we are months later and they’ve already committed to doubling down on the same failed plan for the foreseeable future.  I wouldn’t dare claim to be some kind of expert but even I can see the flaw in their logic. Without any real change nothing is going to change.


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