Lost Queen was the story of an indescribable love and the limits of love. Frequency is the natural conclusion to that story. The last time we saw our characters ( Sam and Lysandra) they had gone their separate ways. Neither was happy about it but both knew there was little choice to be had. Please enjoy.

It had been about fifteen years since Sam watched Lysandra disappear into the sky and not a single word from her. He knew chances of communication were slim and yet he still held out hope. After she left his life mostly went back to normal. The government detained him for a few months and searched his house but they didn’t take anything she had left behind. They seemed more interested in why she came than anything else. His answers always fell short and eventually it was just easier to release him. Readjusting to normal life was difficult at first. Random things would remind him of her to the point that he packed up most of it and put it in storage. The only thing he left around was their makeshift communicator. He left it out in hopes that one day it would light up with a message from her. As time passed, he focused more on his work on mapping out the stars. In the back of his mind he wondered which corner of the universe she was in.

Life went on for Sam. By day he was mapping the stars and by night he was fiddling with the communicator trying to send a message. He had hoped she had read his letter and reached out but it was nothing but silence.He was unaware of what had transpired in her part of the galaxy. She had returned to chaos. The attack on her ship was only the beginning. She wanted nothing more than to head back to Earth but knew she couldn’t. There wasn’t enough free time to reach out to Sam anyways. Lysandra spent much of her days trying to avert full-scale war and every step forward often lead to a stumbling block down the line. When peace had finally been established she took the opportunity to send Sam a simple message, I’m coming back.

There was a faint beeping coming from somewhere in the house. Sam assumed it was his phone and who ever it was could wait until morning. As he tried to rollover and go back to sleep the beeping grew louder. Sam let out an audible groan as he looked over to the nightstand to grab his glasses. That’s when he realized his phone was sitting there dead as the beeping got louder. He stumbled towards the sound not fully woke. He stumbled into his workshop where he discovered their makeshift communicator was receiving a message. The years of neglect had taken its toll on the machine. The only part of the message he was able to understand was a single word, back. He tried his best to send a message back but the machines died on him. He pulled everything out of storage in hopes that he could get the machine working again but he had no luck. Meanwhile Lysandra had managed to steal a shuttlecraft and sneak away. She was amazed by how simple it was for her to do so despite her position in society.

It had been a few weeks since Sam had gotten Lysandra’s message and he was frantically scanning the sky hoping to see a ship in the distance. He was beginning to give up hope when he caught a glimpse of a shuttle in the distance. His heart swelled with joy as he made his way towards it. As he made his the shuttle seemed to exploded. A look of horror took over his face before he could react. Collapsing in grief where he stood with all of future hope and joy drained from him. “I was afraid you didn’t get my full message,” said a familiar voice from behind him.

What happens next? Well who knows. It’s best not to violate the privacy of a couple.


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