Remember When I Use to Rant?

What a weird time of my life that was but I mean if the challenge includes a day of ranting, a rant you will get.

I hate how weird friendships are in the scope of social media. I may or may not have ended a particularly ridiculous one a few weeks ago but we’re still friend on all your favorite social media locations. Double tapped on her face on Instagram before I realized what I had done. Like when you actively decide to stop being someone’s friend do you unfriend them? That’s just too much work for me to be honest. Back in the good ol’ days once you were done with someone you were done. You didn’t have to see them on social media anymore. Ending friendships are hard enough and I’m really bad at them. THere is a part of me that just wants to text them like nothing happened but that’s weird and totally counterproductive. It’s just weird having this empty feeling when you want to talk to them about things you always talked to them about but you also don’t want to just feel that whole just for the sake of it. You just soldier on feeling blah.

I really need to do this earlier in the day but I’m a master procrastinator.


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