Dear So and So….

When you remember you can queue these things up and write them in advance……

Dear So and So,

I think about you often in a variety of ways but more often than not I find myself wondering how you taste. Yes I know that’s a weird thing to admit but I’m a weird guy and you knew this from the moment you met me. I want to be clear, I think of you in ways other than sexual but my mind always goes back to that question. Gotta be honest, I’m not even bold enough to ask you such a bold question but whenever I see you slide across my timeline I fight the urge to be awkward and weird. We’ve met before but not enough times that you would recognize me on the street but I definitely remember you. I have a thing for faces and I’ve always like yours and whoops that kinda creepy now that I say it out loud. Sorry I’m not really good at this. I have as much charm as a stick of butter but I mean maybe one day possibly in the future we could maybe spend some time occupying the same address. Letting me taste you will of course be optional.



Everyone’s Favorite Weirdo


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