The Weirdest Overwatch Review You’ll Ever Read

I love Overwatch. I suck at Overwatch. It’s a weird dichotomy. I’ve had the game for about two weeks and I’ve played nearly every character enough to get a grasp on how to use them. I’m still really bad at Overwatch. For me it’s the kind of game I enjoy despite my lack of skill. It’s a weirdly nuanced hero shooter that you can enjoy even if you suck. What I know is apparent is that win or lose you’ll find new and inventive ways to be frustrated with your teammates. There are the healers who don’t heal. I get that around the level I’m at people are still figuring out the game but I mean you know you picked a healer. You can’t be slacking playing support. In general it’s all about using your character to their best ability. I would recommend you buy it but given that it just celebrated it’s anniversary hopefully you already did.


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