War Never Changes…..

Time was running out. His pod had opened prematurely or so he thought. When he signed up for Vaultech he thought he was saving his life and yet here he was all alone in a big empty vault. There was enough food to last him 20 years. He had managed to make it last 25 but it was beginning to run out. Unfortunately for him the vault door wasn’t scheduled to open for another 10 years. Lucky for him he had some experience with this kind of tech. With each attempt he was closer and closer to getting it open. At what he felt was night he would dream about what the world was like outside that vault door.

With a week’s worth of food left he had cracked the door. It would open on his command whenever he was ready. Our lonely vault dweller gathered his supplies just in case he ran into trouble. Feeling refreshed he gathered his things and headed for the vault room. As the door began to open he heard a strange noise coming from the distance but assumed it was the vault creaking from non use. As the vault door slowly opened the sound grew louder. When the door was half way open he realized what was causing the sound. There was a pack of giant creatures with big claws. Once they saw him they rushed in before could react. The lonely vault dweller was ripped to shreds. In the last few moments of his life all he felt was regret.


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