Writing Challenge

So as a result of me somewhat neglecting this blog for great lengths of time I’m going to do a writing challenge I’ve seen floating around twitter.  The first one is a short Autobiography. I’m going to skip ahead to the fun stuff.

By fifth grade I had been expelled what is probably a shocking amount of times to anyone who met in college. To those of you who knew me from before you’ve probably heard all of the stories. Only a handful of them are actually true. I didn’t run away to the Primary school, I didn’t hit a teacher though I wanted to plenty of times, I didn’t do my senior project, and despite me many angry outburst I’ve never been arrested. I may or may not have an ex girlfriend depending on your perspective. I’m both creepier than you think and less creepy than I act. It’s a weird duality of me. I’m a great friend mostly because I’m observant in a way that’s really creepy but so useful. I am me.


One thought on “Writing Challenge

  1. This is so accurately you… Especially the creepy part but I found that it’s more observant and useful than creepy and benign. Thank you

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