It happened again. The same weird dream she had as a child had returned. No matter how many times she had it, it seemed to never change. She was in a forest surrounded by wolves but their was something weird in their eyes. A shimmer that seemed familiar. It had a weird calming effect on her. She never put much thought into the dreams until one night she got home late and felt like someone was watching her. No one could be found but the feeling wouldn’t go away. As she went to close her curtains before bed she noticed a wolf sitting in her backyard look up at her window with the weird shimmering eyes from her dream. As their eyes met she collapsed on her floor. When she woke up in the morning she was naked in her backyard. Dazed and confused she struggled to her feet as her head pounded. ‘What the hell happened last?” was all she could think about as she dragged herself up the stairs. In the midst of cleaning herself off in the shower she felt a raised paw mark behind her ear. Unsure of how it got there she hid it with her hair until she could go to the doctor and get it checked out. On the news there was a story of a man mauled by a pair of wolves. She paid no attention to it.

As her headache subsided she tried to go through her day as normal. This proved to be quite the difficult task. The world seemed a bit louder and smells were a bit stronger. It was enough to cause her significant discomfort. It was as if her senses leveled up over night. Unable to cope with her heightened senses she went home early to try to sleep it off. When she arrived home the feeling she was being watched had returned. it was as if several pairs of eyes were on her as she entered her home. Even inside she could feel them following her every move. It was obvious that no one was inside but she could still feel the eyes watching her. While she tried to put it out of her head, she went upstairs towards her bedroom. As she approached her window she could feeling the intensity of the eyes watching her. The wolf was back, but this time it had company. All their eyes had the weird shimmering. As they stared at her, the room began to spin and she again fell to the floor. While unconscious, she had visions of a pack of wolves killing a few men in the woods. When she awoke the next morning she found herself on the kitchen floor. As she tried to get to her feet she noticed sets of bloody foot prints coming from outside. They weren’t human. Outside was the wolf from the first night. It glanced at her before disappearing into the woods.On the next ten months she would continue to black out and have strange visions of murdering people with a pack of wolves. It was getting harder for her to hide the evidence. Bodies began to pop up after her blackouts and all she could think to do was hide them in the woods behind her house. Unbeknownst to her, the police began to suspect her. Her erratic behavior had not gone unnoticed. It was only a matter of time before they showed up at her front door. She tried to run but she had another blackout. When she awoke she was in the back of a police van shackled surrounded by several heavily armed police officers. There was fear in their eyes. Her trial was quick. She was in too much shock to fully comprehend what was going on around her. At no point did she even think it was possible she committed these acts willingly. In the end she was given several consecutive life sentences with no chance for parole. She never admitted fault in any of the murders.

The truth is, she did commit the series of grisly murders, and it was without being a wolf. Her so called blackouts were an illusion. The wolves were a means of coping with the guilt of the crimes. The first crime was crafted to appear like an wild animal attack. She spent months setting it up before going through with it. It was only after the fact that her mind crafted this elaborate wolf illusion out of guilt. The unfortunate side effect of this was the ease it made the other killings. Some of them were spare of the moment while others were planned. What started out as a means to deal with guilt became a cover for further violence. By the time she was finally caught the illusion had hardened. Nothing could convince her otherwise. When they investigate her house they found pictures she took of a wolf paw carving she into them. Articles of clothing from her victims were displayed behind a heavily locked door hidden behind a bookcase. The media dubbed her the Lone Wolf Killer. Copy cats appeared sporadically using random animals as a theme. According to records, she never stopped dreaming of the wolf with the shimmering eyes.


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