Rudy 2: Electric Chipmunk

I don’t really have time to write something new this week because busy but here is one of the first things I ever wrote for someone. Don’t let the title fool you, it is the first part of a long story that I hope to get back to one day. It’s completely over the top and silly but it was mostly fun to write. Do enjoy.

Last we saw our intrepid Chipmunk she had just saved the Great Oak Tree from the villainous Beaver Army and she could use a little rest these days. It’s tough being a super powered chipmunk is a world full of dangerous critters. Rudy the Super Chipmunk sets off to the land of Durr Ham. A magical land of Maroon and Grey Eagles, Blue Devils, and baseball playing Bulls.  On her way she met quite a unique cast of characters.

The first character she meets is a nutty woodland creature named Freddie the Rabbit. Freddie was what you would call chronologically challenged. Always late to things as she scurries to and fro on the forest floor meeting to meeting. When our intrepid Super Chipmunk meets are always rushing rabbit she’s trying to be on time but in her rush got a bit lost. “What’s the haps hippity hop? why the sadface?” asked the inquisitive Super Chipmunk. “Well it seems in my rush and joy to be on time I seemed to have taken a wrong at an Oak Tree….or what is a Pine. As you can tell I’m a bit turned around,” responded the lost rabbit. “Well well miss Freddie, I’m no Ordinary chipmunk, I am a Super Chipmunk!” exclaimed Rudy, “I can get you back on track and on time.” With a flash and a bang Rudy whisk Freddie into the air taking Freddie to her destination. “Now now hippity hop, remember to be on time and bring a map in case you lost,” advised the super chipmunk. Having helped Freddie the rabbit Rudy continued on her journey.

Halfway to the land of Durr Ham, Rudy sees an elephant named Ella. Ella was the most elegant of elephants that Rudy had ever seen. Unbeknownst to Rudy, Ella didn’t want to be an elephant anymore. She found life as an elephant to be cumbersome. Ella didn’t like that she towered over most of the forest creatures. All Ella wanted to do was blend in with her friends. “Hey there elephant, why the frown?” asked the curious chipmunk. “Because I’m just too big. I want to be small like you chipmunk,” replied the melancholy elephant. “But why? because of your size you’re able to do things us woodland creatures can’t. Our differences are what make us great, embrace the difference,”said Rudy. With hope in her voice Ella replied, “Thanks chipmunk, your words have inspired me. I hope you enjoy the rest of your journey.” Then Ella gleefully strolled away more confident. Rudy continued on her way towards Durr Ham wondering who else she would meet on her journey.

On the outskirts of Durr Ham a Maroon and Grey Eagle named Bud was soaring high in the sky when suddenly a stray gust of wind sent him tumbling to the ground crashing into Rudy. “Hey watch where you’re walking chubby cheeks. I’m no ordinary barn fowl. You better recognize rodent.” he screeched at the bewildered chipmunk. Rudy was quite caught off guard by the abrasive bird.  “Hey there Mr. Bird why so rude when you came crashing into me?” Rudy said trying not to engage the rude bird. “Well miss rodent, round here the Maroon Eagles run things and you would be smart to respect us and stay out of our way,” Bud screeched yet again. Taken aback by the rude eagle Rudy bid the eagle farewell and tried to head into Durr Ham. Unfortunately for Rudy Bud was quite a persistent eagle and he followed her all the way to the edge Durr Ham. Finally tired of his constant presence Rudy exclaimed,”Sorry for getting in your way rude eagle.” Satisfied with an apology the eagle climbed back into the clear blue skies.

Finally rid of the rude eagle Rudy settled into bed at the best inn in the land of Durr ham excited to be getting much needed rest. Little did she know trouble was brewing in this great land but that is a story for another time.


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