The Painting Lady

It was the fifth body in the last two weeks. Same MO as the others, mutilated with a detailed painting of the body on the wall. They still weren’t sure how the killer was painting in such detail in so little time. The last few victims were missing for barely an hour before their bodies showed up with an accompanying picture. The police were completely out of their depths simply reacting on a delay. At this point the only assumptions they had was the gender of the killer and unfortunately for them it was wrong. They had spent two weeks look for a man with artistic talents and all along it was a woman who worked as a waitress in her spare time.She had planned out her victims months in advance down to the last detail. Nothing was left to chance. She plotted out her victim’s days so well she was able to snatch them up at their most vulnerable and kill them before anyone had noticed they were missing. All her victims fit a particular profile. A rapist who got off on a technicality, an abuser, a frat boy who was selling date rape drug, former teacher accused of sexually assaulting several students, and the latest victim was a former congressman involved in a number of sex scandals with unpaid interns.There were some rumors that the sex wasn’t consensual  but none of the women were willing to come forward. Some of the women seemingly vanished without a trace. His death put several federal agencies on alert but all the manpower they could muster brought them zero clues. They weren’t even able to track down the materials used in the paintings and once a week there was a new victim with a painting to match. She was unstoppable. No one had even suspected her involvement. They were still looking for a male months later. Then one day she just stopped. The bodies stopped showing up but she left one more painting to be found. It was a complete collage of all fifty-two of her victims. For months the paintings sat in an evidence locker gathering dust while what little leads they had dried up. After a year of silence the case went cold and it faded into myth. On the third anniversary of the first killing new paintings begun to show up in potential victims homes as if by magic. The paintings would depict how the victims would die. Many tried their best to avoid their fate but it often seemed as if they were drawn to their demise. Authorities were still completely helpless to stop her. It seemed as if they had stopped any real investigation into the deaths. They were still publicly saying all the right things but it was clear they had pulled much of their resources dedicated to their investigation at this point. The murders continued for nearly five more years until she left a painting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial declaring her mission over. In the midst of the murders no one suspected the waitress with the pretty eyes.


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