The Truth of Tiny Glowing Screens and Political Parties

For me, there are times I struggle to see people as existing beyond the glow of my cell phone screen. It can often feel like an elaborate delusion until I run into one of you in real life. Oh yeah like you exist autonomously in the real world. That tiny glowing screen is honestly my preferred method of human interaction because too often I find myself over observing people in real life. A curse born from paranoia and hypersensitivity. Public interaction for me tends to be lurching from one anxiety to another looking towards the next time I can be alone.

Political parties leave little room for nuances. Well at least in a two-party system when both sides have a cruel tendency to speak in terms of war. You can’t have a real conversation about any particular issue when declaring party affiliation implies a stance you may not agree with. On the other side, declaring your lack of affiliation elicits specific reactions. Tell a Democrat you’re an independent and you shouldn’t be shocked in they make some silly statement that stiff arms reality. Republicans in my experience don’t appear to really care though many of the Republicans I know seem to have this strange awareness that a keen observer can see but they aren’t aware of(yes I know how weird that sounds). I just wish we could talk about politics without reverting to our tribalists roots.


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