What You Want Me to Do (I’m Sorry)

What You Want Me to Do (I’m Sorry) is really part two of Banned From the Motherland. When I started to rewrite it I realized it was too long after only doing the first paragraph. So I took the rest of the story and gave it a separate story. The story borrows its name from a song by the amazing Mela Machinko.

Part 1  Where Do We Go From Here? Part 2 Banned From the Motherland

In the stillness of the night her mind always went back to that day. The day normalcy was taken away from her. She played through every scenario in her head over and over hoping there was an alternative. All she ever got from it was a lost night of sleep. To think that doing the right thing set her down such a lonely path is disheartening. Her benefactor had set her up in a nice apartment in a place called Charlotte. The other tenants were all on his payroll and knew to never ask questions. When she expressed interest in being a superhero, he gave her all the equipment she needed no questions asked. In the back of her mind Drea had an idea of what kind of man she was dealing with but couldn’t quite figure out why he was so insistent on helping her.He clearly had his hand in some less than legal dealings. In their monthly encounters she would hint at it but in the five years of knowing him she never out right asked out of fear that it would void their deal. That is until recently. A series of events raised questions she needed answers to.

Being a superhero was a pretty easy hobby in the beginning. She called herself Event Horizon. Stop a petty thief occasionally. Derail a bank heist or two and you were set for the week. The problem was that as she was beginning to get noticed in the worst possible way. While the incident in Denali was largely kept secret, footage of the incident as well as military reports were being leaked. The information seemed specifically designed to incite outrage towards her and no government would acknowledge the leak. This put Drea is an odd places. The tight-knit superhero community more or less ignored her. There were those in that community who were actively aggressive towards her plainly stating that should consider early retirement. Common criminals were terrified of her but higher tiered compatriots seemed to go out of their way to avoid her. Either way, crime in the area had vanished. Despite this she was treated with such contempt. The local legislature tried to subpoena her on a number of occasions with no success. It was starting to take a mental toll on her. Spider-man got a better reception from Jameson than she ever did from people who are alive because of her. The last straw was when the city of Charlotte tried to present her a bill for damages. Drea wasn’t reckless with her abilities by any means. The most damage she ever caused was leaving impressions in the grass, yet they wanted to blame her for the damage caused by those she was stopping. Though it was largely for dramatics, it shocked her that the ever popular Association of Justice (a superhero organization) went out of their way to admonish her. What was the point of doing this if everyone was going to treat her like the bad guy?

It had been a few weeks since Drea donned her Event Horizon outfit and crime in Charlotte had began to spin out of control. The public may have hated her but the criminals had a healthy fear of her. Crime in the state had plummeted because of her mere presence. When she stopped showing up it seemed like everyone who was holding back came out of hiding. Villains who hadn’t been seen in decades were back on the scene. The other super heroes were just barely holding out but Drea was pretty content to not help them and they made no effort to seek her out. It was an arrangement she was fine with until the media started to blame her for everything. Not a day went by without a story about how the current state of affairs were her fault. It was soon becoming overwhelming until she stumbled onto a random YouTube video from a little girl. It wasn’t a very long video but in its three-minute runtime it lifted her spirits to their highest since her exile. It almost made her want to give it another try but not quite enough. What happened next is what shook her the most. Unknown to her, Drea had inspired a number of women to become superheroes. This was unexpected and caused her to seriously reconsider her decision. She asked her mysterious benefactor to track the girl down so she could talk to her. When Drea arrived the girl was outside as if she was waiting for her. Drea asked only one question, “Why do you care?”. The little girl’s answer was shocking,”I was on that plane you saved. I know that you did the right thing at a great personal cost. I will forever be grateful to you for that”. Stunned by the response, Drea looked away in shame only responding with, “That’s fair” before disappearing into the night sky. The next day Drea suited up and went back to do what she knew best, saving people.

“I’m glad you’ve decided to take my very generous offer ladies. I have only one stipulation, you must locate Event Horizon and convince her to join your group,” the oddly intimidating man sternly stated to the assembled group of black women gather before him. “We accepted your terms,” replied an oddly dressed woman who called herself Unicorn. “You have 3 days. Do make them count,” he responded in a condescending tone before vanishing into the shadows.


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