Banned From the Motherland(Old)

It had been eighteen Earth years since Drea was born and she had been come quite adept with her abilities. She was her mother’s courage and her father’s heart. Any time a human had stumbled upon them she made sure they were relocated safely. Constantly in her mother’s ear advocating for a plethora of things. In a lot of ways she had become the unofficial leader of the Earth born Vacuus. They were aware of how useful it was to have the daughter of the leader on their side. At times this would cause conflict at home and came to a head during a great crisis.

A plane had gone horribly off course after a malfunction had shut down navigation. They were running on fumes looking for anywhere to land. Because the camouflage shield hiding the colony made it look like a clearing the plane was heading straight for them. Usually they ran into solo planes and the occasional lost hiker. The plane had entirely too many witnesses to deal with and it was decided that while the loss of life would have tragic, it was necessary to remain hidden. Crashing into the shield would have vaporized the plane. Drea refused to let this happen. She disobeyed her mother and saved the plane just before it crashed into the shield.

They could no longer remain hidden from the world they had taken refuge on. No one on the plane was hurt but they were having trouble accepting what their eyes were seeing. This world was no stranger to aliens but they had never had a run in with an advanced civilization. It wasn’t long before an official envoy from the United Nations arrived flanked by the US military. The passengers were quickly whisked away for a military debriefing. While the UN was more neutral in it’s approach, the US military was openly antagonistic towards the Vacuus outright accusing them of plotting an invasion.  The UN envoy suggested they have a summit to sort things out in an effort to avoiding conflict noting that it was clear that the Vacuus could have attacked at any time. The Council agrees and they adjourn to a private chamber to discuss the matter further. Drea could feel the Council’s disdain as they walked by her. She could sense how disappointed her mother was with her. It was not long before they came to an agreement. They had decided to reconvene at a later date to discuss relocating the colony to a neutral location as well as an exchange of information. In the meantime, the US military would set up a perimeter as a precaution from peeping eyes. This didn’t sit well with everyone but especially the those who had never known life outside of the domed colony. Among them a vocal leader had emerged by the name of Kalik. He wasn’t much younger than Drea and was almost as powerful as she was. As the date of the summit edged closer his rhetoric became increasingly aggressive.  This came to a head the day before the summit was set the begin as the heads of state of the P5 nations arrived. Kalik and his zealots attacked the military forces stationed around the perimeter decimating them with ease. Casina rushed to hide the council and the delegation from harm inside the meeting room while she stood guard outside of it. She knew she would be no match  for Kalik but she knew it was her duty. Unsurprisingly he arrived with a smug look on his face as if he had already won. Before he could attack, he was launched into the sky by an unknown force. That’s when Casina had noticed her daughter had snuck up behind him. After a brief glance at her mother she launched herself after him. The fight was briefer than Kalik had expected. He had always thought he could match Drea but was overwhelmed by how much stronger she was than him. It took everything he had just to stay airborne. “I always knew you would be a troublemaker but I never thought you would go so far. To threaten the person who had done so much to protect us,” Drea said with the emotion drained from her face. She did not allow Kalik an opportunity to respond before turning up the gravity below him sending he plummeting to the ground. This one act ended his rebellion and nearly killed him. When Drea returned to her mother she could tell something was wrong. The visiting delegation looked confused and the council was visibly angry. Casina looked so broken. Before Drea could ask what was wrong her mother spoke up barely holding back tears,”Drea, you have only two choices. You may leave with our guest in three days or submit to wearing power dampers until further notice.” Stunned by the words her mother said Drea was unable to respond immediately. She staggered back in shock. “I won’t stay with people who are clearly afraid of me. I’ll gladly leave with the humans,” Drea uttered with tears in her eyes. She walked away without acknowledging her mother.

An oddly intimidating man walked up to her with a strange offer. He would insure her safety and her secret identity no strings attached. She was unsure about the offer but hesitantly took it. She headed home to get her things grabbing only the essentials. After she left, the odd man pulled a picture out of his pocket of a little girl and shed a few tears.


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