Where Do We Go From Here?(Old)

Where Do We Go From Here serves as both a prequel and sequel to BFtM largely because it was written last. It serves to fill in gaps without spoiling them. And yes it get’s it’s name from a Solange song. This story is told largely from the perspective of Casina(Drea’s mother) with part from the perspective of her father Zaki.

This was the last planet to scout and it was far from a great candidate. It was heavily populated with natives who weren’t beyond decimating large parts of the planet in the name of war. There may be remote parts of the planet where they could hide a colony but it would be quite risky. The biggest problem this planet posed are the vast amount of alien refugees seemingly warring in the streets. If they were to settle a colony on this planet they would have to ensure they wouldn’t get wrapped up in this strange turf war.
She was prepared to cross it off the list when she got an urgent message from home. The other scouts were missing and they were short on time. Any habitable planet would have to do. She reluctantly sent them the coordinates with a message stressing how important it would be to remain hidden on the planet. She was ordered to find a spot that was isolated from the native population but big enough to hide a SCS. A quick scan of the planet showed few suitable locations. A few ocean locations but there was concern that the SCS would not be capable of dealing with unpredictable weather. It was built to take a direct hit from a meteor but it wasn’t designed to operate in the water for extended periods of time. The second option was a small but undiscovered island sandwiched between two recently active volcanoes. A standard SCS shield could withstand a volcanic explosion but those tended to bring attention from curious natives. The last and best prospect was a remote area tucked in a mountain range in a place called Alaska. It was out of sight and had no environmental risk. She set up the guiding beacon and waited until the SCS arrived. She chuckled at how inferior the native radar was in comparison. She was able to zip around airspace without much trouble and as long as the shield was up the SCS would arrive and enter the atmosphere without detection.
It had been a few months since the SCS had landed and the occupants had settled into their new planet. She hated that things had come to this for her people, but it was no longer safe for her people to live on their home planet orbiting a black hole. The first generation of Earth born of Vacuus was already on it’s way and her daughter would be the first. Considering what she knew about the planet’s population, she was concerned about those born with gravity abilities. On Vacu about 13 percent of the population was born with the ability to manipulate gravity around them. The odds greatly improved if both parents had the ability. Her abilities had been quite useful to her and while her husband was equally proficient he merely dabbled in it’s usage for amusement. After about 3 Earth yrs old, their daughter Drea began to exhibit abilities not seen at that age in centuries. Another child named Kalik had exhibited similar aptitudes and while there were concerns, so far it seemed like they were capable of handling. This did not last. As more and more kids reached three they had begun to exhibit a natural aptitude. Disturbingly, it appeared that 100 percent of the children born on Earth had the ability to some degree. It was at this point when the colonial council approached her. They were concerned that such a large number of untrained gravity manipulators would threaten their hidden existence. Casina managed to soothe their fears. Their shield made them impossible to spot and with the exception of a few wayward souls who woke up near a human settlements babbling about floating black people. This persisted for many years until a a major incident shifted their existence

It had been a year since the incident and Kalik was still in a deep coma. Their relocation had not been easy. A few of the Vacuus had vanished in the move seemingly by choice. The decision to ban Drea was a controversial one. Many had considered disappearing into the human populace instead relocating. Casina was able to convince them all to stay with the exception of her husband Zaki. He had vanished before she had a chance to explain herself leaving only a note explaining why he had to leave. Zaki couldn’t stand the idea of his only child living on a world so unprepared. He made a deal with a mysterious figure to keep an eye on his daughter from a distance in exchange for his services. Zaki had assumed the stranger would make great use of his abilities and was shocked that the only request was that he kept his young daughter Dana safe from any threats. Casina wanted to go after him but she knew the chaos her absence would bring. All she could do is keep a watchful eye on her now scattered family. All she had left was regret.

Zaki had been watching over Dana for nearly half a decade. In that time she had grown quite attached to him. He had become an honorary uncle to her. Her father seemed oddly unbothered by it. Whenever he got a chance, Zaki would watch any footage he could find of his daughter being heroic. it did not take long for this to make Dana a huge fan of his daughter’s hero persona Event Horizon. Luckily for him there had been no close calls with his daughter. He was still too ashamed about not speaking up for her when he had the chance to face her. Even when it was clear Drea was prepared to quit being a hero he still was hesitant to help her. What happened next was quite unexpected.


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