Why Banned From the Motherland

So one random day when Black Twitter (could this term be more silly?) was discussing black superheroes, I did that weird thing I do where my brain recalls information on a specific topic that sends me into a downward spiral giving a lecture to students that don’t exist. I talked about the lack of black women in nerd culture and how the few there are tend to get recycled pretty frequently. In the midst of this imaginary lecture I had Banned From the Motherland by Dumbfoundead and Josh Pan on repeat blasting in the background. At this point I was hit with an idea of a black women with gravity powers dealing with racism as a superhero. She would be an alien who chose humanity over her own people and in my head she looked like Andi. Beyond that I didn’t really have much planned out. What I ended up writing is something I’m really proud of but it’s not really ready for the public yet. With that said, I wanted to talk about the type of story it is.

Banned from the Motherland is the story of Drea coming to grips with life on Earth in exile from her people. Her desire to do the greater good landed her in exile and her determination to continue to do so has been met with great challenges. The world at large far from embraces her. When she was ready to give up a little girl inspires her to push through and fight on. Unknown to her, a group of black women have been encouraged by her presence have started their own superhero group with backing from a mysterious stranger with an ulterior motive. They’re a collection of inexperienced heroes led by a seemingly unhinged woman who only goes by Unicorn.

I can’t wait to share it with everyone.


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