Lost Queen (Old) 

I originally wrote this for someone I had strong feelings for but wasn’t brave enough to tell.  It’s inspired by a Pharrell song. It’s a story of love and loss.


This wasn’t suppose to happen. Her trip was supposed to be boring and ordinary. Their route was well protected and she was beloved. Why would anyone want to attack her? She never saw herself as anyone important. Just a queen of a minor slightly backwater corner of the Milky Way. Now she was trapped on a planet that had yet to advance to warp technology. The likelihood of her ever getting home were slim. The locals on this planet weren’t exactly friendly. At the moment they were teetering on the edge of destruction. Honestly, she figured she’d be killed and dissected before she could send a distress signal. She just wanted to go home. Her crash wasn’t remotely subtle and it was only a matter of time before she was spotted. Unknown to her she already had been seen.

While out looking at the stars on the empty beach he noticed something streaking across the sky at intense speeds. It was long before he realized it was heading for the very beach he was on. With only moments to react to gather his equipment and headed for the big dune several yards behind him. When the object slammed into the sand it made a loud noise but appeared largely undamaged. He could hear the object groaning and creaking within. Suddenly the object opened up like a blooming flower revealing the being inside. It appeared human like with the exception of its silver almost metallic hair. He couldn’t believe his luck. Unsure of what to do next he kept his distance but a wrong step alerted her to his presence. Before he could react she vanished and reappeared before him prepared for the worse. 

She didn’t expect his reaction.  She was certain he would respond with violence.  There was no record of humans being so curious. He seemed to have an unlimited number of questions leading down a variety of paths.  He asked about her species, her home planet, how she traveled, her title, and why she crashed.  He wasn’t interested in hurting her and seemed just as freaked out as she was.  Maybe everything she had been taught about humans was wrong.  He ran through all the scenarios of what would happen if she were to be caught by the government. For him, the goal was to keep her well hidden and hopefully find a way for her to contact her people. First and foremost, she needed to blend in which means appropriate clothing. This lead to an awkward moment. Humans were severely behind the rest of the galaxy when it came to concepts of modesty. Which resulted in one of the strangest reaction she had ever seen. He reacted as if she had done something risqué. Frankly it was the least of their issues. Where was he going to hide her? While she looked human and had the assistance of a universal translator, she didn’t really have a solid understanding of humanity outside of how dangerous human could be when scared. Time was not on their side. First they had to make sure you blended in well enough that she would not be spotted by alphabet soup of federal agencies hunting her down. Second they weren’t able to grab much from the ship other than the homing beacon but she had veered so far off course that would need to build something to boost the signal. The first part was surprisingly the most difficult. The information she had on Earth was vast but a tad incorrect. The last time anyone had observed the Earth was during the height of the Cold War and the world had changed greatly since. Granted there was still great dangers and humanity was still a mistake away from another global war. None of that was her issue. Thankfully, except for her hair, she looked human. It was the clothing that was the real issue. There a few things more awkward than a grown man in Wal-Mart at 3am buying a month’s worth of women’s clothing. Lucky for him while he was on the receiving end of the most judgmental collection of eyes this side of the Mason Dixon line, she was using his garage full of spare parts to build a signal booster. Unsure of what frequencies humans could pick up she waited until he return before activating it. After returning from the most awkward Wal-Mart trip ever, they decided to make a few decoys just in case the signal was caught. Gathering their equipment they set out to a remote location in the nearby woods in hopes to not draw attention to themselves. 

They received confirmation within two weeks. It would take the ship a few months to arrive. In that time, short of a few close calls, she had blended in well.In that time something quite unexpected had occurred during her stay. She had grown attached to her human friend. It wasn’t quite love but she knew she had strong feelings for him she couldn’t act on. She didn’t want to leave him behind on Earth but knew she didn’t have much choice. She had a life to get back to. Backwater it may have been, she was still queen and that came with responsibility. They had one last week together and both knew it was likely the last time they would ever see each. He crammed as much as he could in seven days but in the end he knew how the week would end. They spent the last few hours together on the beach looking out in silence.When it was time to be at the rendezvous point, they continued the silence on the walk. It didn’t matter how what they planned to say to each other because their mouths couldn’t form the words. He clutched the bag of Earth stuff he had gathered for her tightly in his left hand holding her hand with his right. When the ship arrived she hugged him tightly and kissed him on the cheek. Their time together was over.

He sat in the field for a few hours trying to collect himself. He never quite got over her but he learned to live with the absence. She immediately tried to put him out of her mind hiding away any reminder of him. It was several years before she was emotionally ready to look at her Earth souvenirs and when she finally did, she discovered the letter he had written for  her. As she read it all her emotions came rushing back to the forefront with such force that she could barely stand.

Their love transcends the concept of romantic or platonic and while they never saw each other again, it never dimmed. Sometimes love is so strong that several hundred light years can’t weaken it.


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